Your Great Grandfather told your Grandfather…

Your Grandfather told your Father…

And your Father told you…


“If I had invested my money in land I would be a rich many today! ”


Now….what are you going to tell your children?

The stories of what has happened in Southern California over the years are replete with missed opportunities.  Try this one…In 1909 almost half of the San Fernando Valley, a place where almost 1.9 million people live, where homes on small lots cost $650,000 up to the millions, was purchased for $53 per acre. 

Newport Beach town site the Harbor, Lido Isle and Balboa Island, Approximately 900 acres were sold in 1902 for $35,000 with $5,000 down.  Around 1909 there was a national Advertising campaign offering 30 foot by 85 foot island lots for $600 and waterfront lots for $750!

I can go on and on with example after example of what has happened over the years because of one major fact.  Population drives Real Estate prices.  There is another very old axiom,"Buy raw land within 2 hours of a major metropolitan area in the sunbelt states and you will do well." 

If it is not already apparent, the Los Angeles area is the largest metropolitan area in the sunbelt states.  The only raw land available that people can purchase for any “currently reasonable price is over the hill from Los Angeles in the High Desert areas.

Newspapers will tell you about it and here is a link to what the LA Times recently wrote.

Invest in land, the right land, and you can see wealth for yourself or can bank wealth for your children or grandchildren.

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