This weeks new postcard spotlights a 10 acre parcel in the Harper Lake area, north of Highway 58 and east of Harper Lake Rd. The property has great access via a dirt road off of Harper Lake Rd through a wildlife gate. We've marked the specific gate with pink survey tape for easy visibility for anyone wishing to visit the property.


The property is south of a major area of solar development. Currently, the Abengoa Mojave Solar Project a 280 MW facility and the LUZ Segs 8 and 9 a 160 MW facility are generating power in the area.


Harper Dry Lake is located north of this property. The solar facilities support a small marshland for migrating birds and other wildlife in the area as part of their mitigation agreement for solar field expansion.


The property has gently rolling hills and gorgeous views of the valley and mountians. The traffic along Highway 58 can be seen but not heard. A railroad track is a half mile south of this property with a crossing along Harper Lake Road. 


The seller of this property is offering a buyer one of the best things any seller can offer, Seller Financing! Which means that just like a bank gives you a loan for the purchase of your home or car, you pay a down payment of 20% ($2,000) and the seller will finance $4,000 amortized for 3 years at 6% interest. Your monthly payment for a 10 acre property would be approximately $121.69 per month.


This postcard as well as our other marketing endeavors let potential buyers know that a property is listed for sale. Keep an eye out for more postcards being mailed out each week with listing and sold information. If you would like your property evaluated please give me a call, land is my specialty, my focus and what I enjoy.


Land for Sale in Helendale, CA - Kristen L. Maley (Realtor, Land Pricing Strategist at LandCore Realty). LandCore Realty provides cutting edge technology and marketing to it's clients. I specialize in helping land owners and those looking to invest in land in Adelanto, Helendale, Oro Grande, Barstow, Hesperia, Apple Valley and surrounding areas.(760) 952-2345