Yesterday I read an article in the LA Times that I felt I should share. The article was titled "Growth in the Inland Empire Soars." It was a wonderful article about what is going on in Southern California, we may still have not completely recovered from the market crash but things are definitely looking up. The Inland Empire which consists of San Bernardino and Riverside counties was one of the hardest hit by the burst of the housing bubble, but according to the article, the Inland Empire is now the fastest growing region in Southern California and will continue to be for the next 5 years.


What great news for us! With the availability of land, proximity to ports and transportation corridors developers and companies (like Amazon) are expanding into the area and bringing along with them jobs. According to the article, "Overall, the Inland Empire accounted for two-thirds of the new businesses created statewide from 2012 to 2013 — despite housing only 7.4% of the total businesses in California. Over the last year, Inland Empire jobs have increased 2.7%, a faster rate than any part of California except the Bay Area. That’s more than double the rate of Los Angeles County and nearly triple the pace of Orange County."


My partner, Bob Keeran, and I recently recorded a video (3 Things You Should Know Before Buying or Selling Land)  where we spoke about being in the path of development. It was actually one of the three things we thought people needed to know and it continues to be an important aspect of a land purchase or sale. As areas develop they must expand into previously undeveloped areas. With the Southern California Logistics Airport and the High Desert Corridor Project the High Desert might be right in that path of development. It will be interesting to watch how the Inland Empire develops over the next five years as jobs bring families, construction and more business into the area.


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