The Real Estate market is ever changing, certain times of a year are generally better than others to sell different types of properties, development may come to an area, laws or zoning may change, etc. Land owners and buyers must keep themselves aware of these changes, but it is not always easy. 

To help provide an overview of what is happening, we decided to provide links below for our clients to be able to view the available public sales data that was recorded with the San Bernardino County in the first quarter of 2017. Click on any link to download the PDF, you will see that each sale is categorized by book number, noting the entire Assessor’s Parcel Number (or APN) and also the acreage, square footage, city, date the property sold, the sales price and the type of sale. The type of sale is important as some sales are just one APN while others include multiple APN's.

The APN is the identifying number given to each property by San Bernardino County. This 13 digit number is used to differentiate your specific property from the thousands of other properties. The example below shows how your APN number breaks down.

The county divides areas into book numbers.If you would like to see what properties have sold within your same book during the first quarter of this year, find your book number based on your APN and click on the link that includes that book number. 

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 0100 - 0294

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 0295 - 0350

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 0351 - 0543

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 0544 - 1000

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 1000 - 2000

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 2000 - 3000

2017 Q1 San Bernardino County Sales Books 3000 - 3136

There are many things that can affect a property's value, such as access to paved roads, electricity, sewer and gas, easements around, near, or crossing properties...the list goes on and on! To get a more detailed idea of what your properties current valuation is please give us a call at 760-952-2345 or click here and we will do a free detailed, personal, market analysis on your property.

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