Renewable energy has hit the High Desert. Wind developers are purposing a wind project in Lucerne Valley and Conditional Use permits have been issued for local solar projects, but what does this mean to the land owners. Well let's take a look at one project in particular, the Alamo Solar Project in Oro Grande, south of Helendale, being developed by Alamo Solar, LLC. According to information from the San Bernardino County the unmanned project will generate 20 Megawatts and sit on 175 acres.
Alamo Solar would need to purchase 5 parcels of property and negotiate 2 additional easements for ingress and egress (entry and exit) from the properties. The land in area is relatively flat with only minimal sloping. According to the San Bernardino County Assessors office as of July 2nd, 2014, Alamo Solar, LLC. purchased those 5 parcels of land from 4 separate owners with the intent to demolish the structures.
According to San Bernardino County records these parcels
were purchased and sold as follows:
Owner 1 purchased a 58.83 acre property with a residential home for $60,000 in September of 1999. The home was approximately 850 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1930 located on the corner of Turner Rd. and Bryman Rd. In July of 2014, owner 1 sold his property to Alamo Solar for $450,000. Owner 1 purchased the property for $1,020 per acre and sold for $7,650 per acre.
Owner 2 purchased an 11 acre property with a residential home for $200,000 in June of 2005 along with an adjacent 1.2 acre raw land property. The home was approximately 960 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, built in 1965 located on Melrose Rd. In July of 2014, owner 2 sold his property to Alamo Solar for $350,000. Owner 2 purchased his 12.2 acres for almost $16,393 per acre and sold to Alamo Solar for $28,688 per acre.
Owner 3 purchased a 25.67 acre property with a residential home in June of 2011 for $32,500. The home was approximately 768 square feet with 2bedrooms and 1 bath built in 1922. In August of the same year he purchased an adjacent 16.7 acre raw land property for $15,000. Owner 3 owned 42.37 acres for a combined total of $47,500 which would average out to be $1,121 per acre. He sold his 42.37 acres to Alamo Solar for $330,000 or $7,788 per acre.
What does this mean to local land owners? Solar developers are coming into the High Desert area, with almost 340 days of sunlight the High Desert is a prime location for solar. Land value for nearby properties will adjust to the developments and we may see a rise in value. It's important to know what the properties near yours are selling for and what is happening in your area. Land can be a great investment if purchased and sold at the right times.
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