This 851.12 acre property in nestled in Coolgardie an area north of Barstow, CA and southwest of Ft. Irwin National Training Center in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. The property sits 19 miles northeast of Barstow in San Bernardino County. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the United States.

Ownership of properties Property like these 851 acres have a historical ownership kind of transfer history. Many of them stay in the original owners name for lifetimes, then transfer to family members, never hitting the market so others can have a chance to purchase the properties. After all, how many people do you know who own 851 acres in Southern California?

Often, and we really mean often, the sellers who wish to sell properties like these have, what we say in the land business, 'fallen in love with the property' and that love clouds the facts and can cause a seller of property to set unrealistic prices they will sell the land for based on many personal factors other than current market value.

As you may be aware before during and after the depression in Real Estate prices a few years ago 'Current Market' has been a very volatile number, especially when it comes to land parcels. The high prices representing actual “Market Value” for land 8 to 10 years ago is nothing like what the very same land will actually sell for today and frankly that fact is hard for many sellers to take. Most of the time sellers of the larger properties just do not need to sell; there is no pressure to sell something they have owned for many years. These sellers just cannot set a price where current buyers will exchange their money for the seller’s Real Estate, (the actual definition of Market Value).……so the land just sits on the market…it does not sell. We can show you hundreds of land parcels that have been on the market in some cases for well over 5 years at unrealistic and unmarketable prices, it is quite common, specially with Brokers who do not specialize in large raw land parcels.

We say all this to tell you……there are circumstances wherein sellers of unique properties can indeed set reasonable market driven asking prices and under those circumstances unique properties will, almost always, find buyers. These 851 acres have a unique circumstance that has allowed the seller to list the property at the current market price and maybe even a bit lower…you can decide for yourself after you investigate this offering.

When a seller reaches over 90 years of age and may have owned a property for over 50 years, long held plans and desires have a tendency to change. Estate plans and family situations can come into focus leading a seller to hire a Broker and set a price to find a buyer at “Market Value”. Without all the other personal considerations a Seller may have had over the years taking precedence, the most important part of making a property marketable, “setting the offering price” can be achieved in a dispassionate and business like manner. In these situations property sells in a reasonable amount of time and at market.

We believe this property's time has come and here is why.

First, as you can see by the accompanying pictures this is remote and beautiful land located north of Barstow in an area known as Coolgardie. It is land wanted by both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Fort Irwin National Training Army Base but those ships have sailed under the current Federal Budget situation. The possibility of selling the land or trading the land for other BLM land closer in to current development may or may not return but for now it is appears to not an option for this seller at this time.

We have posted a BLM Mineral Appraisal of the mineral wealth on this property when they were looking to exchange it for other BLM land, a process called the Land Tenure Adjustment wherein many thousands of land parcels like this were exchanged for land closer into the developed areas of California. This report will speak for itself. The land comes with mineral rights and appears to have value well beyond the asking price just for those minerals. You be the judge after you read the report. What we as the broker for this seller can say is, the mineral report done by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau and it’s conclusions should be the same as when it was issued as we see no evidence of mining on this property recently.

The discrepancy in the total acreage in the Mining Report (861.12 acres) and the current land being offered (851.12) is 10 acres. This has happened because the Seller sold a 10 acre parcel on July 26, 2006, for $10,500 cash ($1050/per acre). That sale may give you some idea of how market value changes in time and also how the size affects price along with what this property can be worth in a good market, coming again, as it always has.

So why this property? What can it be used for? Recreation, land banking, Estate planning, subdivision into smaller parcels, resale, mining, future land trading with BLM, potential mitigation land, survival outpost property, camping or getaway resort, to name just a few.

The seller if offering financing, with a 20% down payment the seller will finance the remaining 80% at 7% interest for 20 years. The monthly payments would be $2,084.90, or more, until paid.

In conclusion this property is priced $395 per acre with terms. The land is priced to attract a buyer in this current market and it is reasonable to expect a buyer for this kind of property at this price within a reasonable period of time. Take the time to investigate this land and know this is just about as low as land goes because of the current market conditions and if you do your research you will find that is a fact. This property, at this price, is very hard to duplicate in Southern California especially with a seller willing to finance the purchase price.

We truly believe it is priced to not last long on the market. Investigate it for yourselves.

Directions from Barstow Rd and the 15 Freeway: Exit 15 Freeway at Barstow Rd and head North .8 miles, turn left onto E Main St. and continue for .2 miles, turn right onto 1st Ave and continue for .9 miles, turn left onto Irwin Rd and continue for 6.9 miles. The following 12.2 miles will be via dirt roads with little if any street signs.Turn left onto Copper City Rd (dirt rd) and continue for 5.7 miles at Y stay right onto Dobson Rd. and contiue 1.9 miles, at the Y stay right onto Williams Well Rd and continue for 4.6 miles (becomes Dobson Rd. again), at Y stay left and continue for 475 feet.

LandCore Realty listings are marked with 10 foot white PVC poles topped with pink paint and tape. The 600 acre parcel is marked with 10 poles. The remaining 251.12 acres is marked with 5 poles. The sign is placed at the most southwestern property corner.

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