This 73.22 acres is located 2.8 miles south of the 15 freeway in Newberry Springs, CA. Newberry Springs is in San Bernardino County, east of Barstow, CA and is a predominately rural community where agriculture lifestyles abound. The property sits to the south of the River Bluff Ranch and the Mojave River.

The parcels once comprised a larger ranch that has been in the family since the early 1950's. The remaining ranch is comprised of four parcels 0533-031-02 (33.22 Ac), 0533-031-03 (10 Ac), 0533-031-04, (5 Ac), 0533-031-05 (5Ac), 0533-031-06 (10 Ac), 0533-031-07 (10 Ac).

The southeast parcel has approximately 430 foot of frontage on Harvard Rd.(paved road) and the south of the property is partially bordered by Mojave Trail (dirt road). Much of this property is within the wash area, however approximately 12-13 acres sits on the bluff overlooking the Mojave River and surrounding valley. The bluff runs northeast along the property with a decline to the Mojave River area. The view from the bluff is of the green River Bluff Ranch the is nestled on the other side of the Mojave River. The purple mountains of Newberry Springs seen from this property are breathtaking.

North of the bluff sits an abandoned home that is not in a livable condition, part of the old ranch. The northwestern 10 acre parcel borders overhead power lines that cross the Mojave River.

Surprisingly, many different types of crops are grown in this desert region, due to the shallow water depths near the underground waters of the Mojave River. The properties to the southeast, the east and the northeast are currently being farmed. The Newberry area is filled with ancient volcanic rock formations, lava beds, sand dunes, and mineral springs.

Directions: From the 15 freeway, exit Harvard Rd. and continue south for approximately 2.8 miles, turn left onto Mojave Trail. A sign is located on Harvard Rd. The approximate property corners are located via GPS and marked with 10 foot white PVC poles topped with pink tape to catch your eye. 

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